Scrap Metal Recycling

How Scrap Metal, Junk Car Prices are Determined

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221 Recycling Center prices are always competitive and we always pay in CASH! When selling scrap metals a few factors determine the actual price you will receive for your load. The main factors are the grade of the metal which is determined by how “clean” or close to “pure” the metal is, the overall market value for that type and grade of metal and of course the net weight of your load. Our friendly staff members are experts at accurately determining the grade of your metal as well as constantly monitoring the market values to ensure that we are always paying top prices for your scrap metal and junk cars. Our wrecked, salvage and junk vehicle prices are based on per 100 pounds and are always among the highest in the local market area. Please feel free to call or stop by today for our current price list and as always, we thank you for your business!